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What is BIDS?

BIDS (Budget Intelligence Development System) is an innovative platform for implementing Government finance and budgeting systems, designed from the ground up specifically for the public sector.

BIDS can meet your incremental or zero-based budgeting needs precisely without being weighed down by unnecessary constraints.

BIDS is scalable and can interface with most other enterprise and legacy applications.

BIDS presents a single integrated financial management system, and streamlines the budgeting process, allowing you to make data informed decisions.

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Using BIDS, Performa has successfully transformed a wide range of applications

FIMS icon

Financial Management Information System (FMIS)

Resources icon

Resource Planning

Cash icon

Cash Oversight & Control

Funds Allocation icon

Fund Allocation & Reporting


Budget Optimization

Transport icon

Transportation - Risk and Project Analysis

Utilities icon

Public Utilities Budgeting

Equity icon

Equity Budgeting

Treasury icon

Treasury Whole of Government


Interactive & Responsive Dashboards

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Department of Human Services Reporting

Education icon

Education Analysis & Control

Capital icon

Capital Budgeting

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Grants Management

Extensive Key Proposal Analysis

Extensive Key Proposal Analysis

BIDS enables users to navigate new work realities

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Turning data into information for better decisions

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Creating Financial Platforms that are agile, smart, and continually evolving

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Facilitating a “change mindset” within an organization, by easily and cost effectively enabling system change – providing users with what they need now and in the future

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Providing the option to run a cloud-based solution delivering speed and security

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Seamlessly aligning financial strategy to performance measures, increasing financial transparency, and enhancing public trust

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Easily interfacing with other enterprise and legacy applications to form a single integrated system

The user gets what the user needs in real time