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Transforming Financial Management for Government

Who We Are

For more than 20 years, Performa has built and implemented specialized financial platforms and software solutions, both cloud based and in-house specifically for Government and large complex organizations.
We deliver complete solutions addressing the challenges, practices, and realities of any finance team.

Performa has the experience and tools to transform your legacy system

Global Jigsaw

A Unique Combination of Global Experience and Proprietary Tools

Red Globe

Performa has proven expertise in delivering complex, multi user, multi agency sites around the world

Red Globe

Performa has proven expertise in enabling complex decision making

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What makes Performa unique?

Work with a team who:

  • Has a deep understanding of Financial Management in Government and complex organizations.
  • Has a wealth of experience. Many come from Public Sector finance, are experts in their field and have implemented multiple enterprise level systems.
  • Knows how financial systems are built and has the tool – BIDS, to build them.